Christmas for Cowboys

IMG_5281_smCowboys can never have enough gear, as a rule, and Handsome here is no exception. And, what they do have wears out pretty quickly, so there is a never-ending list of gifts to give a cowboy. Never do I struggle with what to buy him for Christmas, birthday or Father’s Day.

With winter and cold weather coming, I decided to have a pair of shotgun chaps made for him. He’s pretty picky when it comes to this kind of thing, so I had to get all the details just right. The straps had to be a certain thickness, the zippers had to be heavy-duty enough, the fringe just so.

They came out great, and I have to confess, there is no greater eye-candy than a cowboy in his chaps!

They’ll keep him warm when he’s riding on damp, foggy days, protect his legs from sticks that like to impale you as you ride through the trees and will be great when he’s branding so he’s not kneeling in the mud and muck.

Stay tuned for action pics!