WordPress Wednesday – Using the Display Widgets Plugin to Customize your Sidebar Content

WordPress templates allow us to put content in our sidebars that will display on every page, so that this information can remain front and center for our visitors. This is pretty handy, as any good marketer knows that repetition is key, so we want our visitors to have multiple opportunities to opt in to our list, or purchase our product.

In some cases, however, we might want to display various content on numerous different pages, and some themes only provide us with one or maybe two sidebars, so if you want a different sidebar on each page, this could prove very challenging.

If that’s the case, try using the Display Widgets plugin. This plugin will automatically add options to the bottom of every widget box that will allow you to either show or hide this widget on pages, posts, categories, etc.

The default is “Hide on checked” and no boxes are checked, so this would display this widget on all page and posts. If you select “Show on Checked”, then select just one page, post page, category other selection, then this widget will display on those selected items.

This is a pretty handy way to customize your sidebar content and display just the widgets you want in each particular area of your site or blog.