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Monthly Website Maintenance Security Service

$49.95 for each 1 month

Product Description

If you’re a busy business owner who doesn’t have time to regularly monitor your website, this service was created just for you. Not giving your website the TLC it requires can leave it vulnerable to hackers who are malicious and will use your site…and your money….for their own benefit. Get peace of mind and protect your number 1 marketing tool with this service.

computer-hackerThis service provides the following to help protect your site from hackers and other mischief-makers:

  1. Log in monthly to update WordPress, theme & plugins, as needed.
  2. Monitor the Wordfence security plugin and receive email notifications about attempted logins and security threats, adjust configuration as needed to increase security.
  3. Monitor Updraft Plus backups (if necessary), to ensure they are going to the correct location and at the correct times, so that current copies are available.
  4. Double check that backups are working properly (depending on your hosting account, backups may not be necessary).
  5. Monitor your .HTACCESS file to ensure that no conditional redirects or other code has been written in by hackers.

Cost: $49.95/month, no contract required, this is a subscription service so payments are automatically deducted from your account or applied to your credit card.

Pricing includes my Updraft Plus Premium Backup Service, and assumes that the Wordfence Security plugin is installed on your website (can be added for an additional charge).

**While nothing is guaranteed to prevent against  hackers gaining access to your website, this service is intended to greatly reduce the risk of successful attacks. The best defense is a good offense, so regularly updating and monitoring your site is highly recommended.

** This product does not include any updates to website content, structure, graphics or the addition of other website features.

Note: If you wish to purchase this subscription with a regular credit card, and not PayPal, please contact me directly, as that must be set up manually.